#1 Canon Warpstreaks von Karronade 08.04.2009 17:35


Description & Read Me:

README for Canon Star Streaks MOD
This mod replaces the warp star streaks in Bridge Commander with the rainbow coloured streaking stars seen in TNG, DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise.

o Backup the starstreak.tga file located in Bridge CommanderdataTextures.

o Unzip the new starstreak.tga into the Bridge CommanderdataTextures directory.

o That's it! Just launch Bridge Commander and have fun!

Author : tguy_1000
E-Mail : tguy_1000@hotmail.com
Creation Time : N/A
Programs Used : Lightwave 7, PaintShop Pro 7
Version Number: 1.0

Feel free to email me regarding any comments you would like to make. Also you are free to use my MOD in any of your MODs but please notify me and give me credit for it.



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